DTDC Restricted Goods


DTDC courier and cargo is a 9001: 2008 certified logistics company. Now DTDC has presence in all over India and abroad. It has above 300 own offices. The policy of a company is to give quality service to Customers, and give good working atmosphere to workers. Now most of the people are worried about their parcel security. So the company gives more care in parcel transportation. Today company gives more importance to customers and workers security. So company banned several items for security purpose. It gives expert training to workers for check restricted items. Here is the list of restricted commodities




(1) Chemical items

(2) Currency Note

(3) Radioactive products

(4) Flammable goods

(5) Oil and Fuel (Machine)

(6) Explosives

(7) Bullion

(8) Illegal drugs

(9) Other Items banned by Indian law

10) All banned items as per IATA etc.


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